Monday 20th Sept


Squats. Clams. Deadbugs and more…This workout will definately have you sweating. A complete mix of Pilates, cardio and strength exercises aimed at toning your Abs, Butt and Thighs. Wanting more? Bring your resistance band for an extra burn.


Wednesday 22nd Sept


Have you been sitting around too much lately? Are you feeling stiff? Our stretching class caters for all fitness levels. Focusing on common problem areas such as the hips, glutes, quads and upper back. This session will aim to improve your mobility, reduce any unwanted pain and improve your circulation. Don’t miss out on this low intensity session.

Core Crusher

Thursday 9th Sept


A workout that focuses solely on the mid-section. Who said Abs were made in the kitchen. Planks, Deadbugs, Paloff press and more. This workout aims to strengthen the abdominals and pelvic floor. Don’t miss this!!!

Super Strength

Wednesday 8th Sept 


Grab your resistance bands, weights or anything heavy and join us for this killer workout. A mixed bag of lower body functional movement and upper body strengthening. A workout that will definitely keep you sweating. 


Coming Soon…

Missing the gym and losing your muscle? Join us for this session as we focus on five basic movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat and core work. This session will not only aim to increase your muscular strength but also build muscular endurance. You will be required to use weights & bands during this session – anything heavy enough to lift.